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We don’t fix computers, we help you learn to succeed with yours!

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Computer Training without going back to school. One-to-one tutoring  Learn:

Computer Basics for Beginners
Microsoft Word
Social Media
Internet and Email

Companies:  Increase employee productivity and confidence. We’ll come to your office for custom training.

Individuals:  One-to-one tutoring in Orange County

We are not a school.  We’re an “I need training now!” kind of service.  Let’s look at a comparison:

When you go to a school, you must apply and get accepted. Then you enroll in a class that will meet daily or weekly for a semester.  You pay for parking and work on homework assignments.  You learn more than you need to know, and the class size is typically around 35 students.

When you come to The Computer Tutor, you say “I need to brush up on my Excel skills.”  We say great, would you like one-to-one tutoring to make the best of your time, or would you like to take one of our half-day classes with no more than 5 students in a class?   And parking is free.  If you would like homework in order to practice your skills, you can join our homework club.  We don’t grade you, we guide you!

The Computer Tutor has been providing personalized computer training and consulting in Southern California since 1998. Owner Melissa Guzzetta and her staff are accomplished trainers and consultants with real-world business experience in both large and small organizations. Our capabilities are big, but our service is personal, hands-on, and completely invested in giving every student and client the most personalized use of their computer technology.

We have helped: large companies train their employees, start-ups get their accounting started right, small businesses improve their process, sales people create better marketing materials, students prepare for the real world, job seekers create callback-worthy resumés, grandmas keep in touch with distant grandchildren – and hundreds of average computer users like you.

Why Learn Word?

Why Learn Outlook?

Note:  We do not do Mac training, but we can refer you to people who do.

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The Computer Tutor provides computer training and computer tutoring in Orange County, including:  Excel training, Microsoft Word training, PowerPoint training, Outlook training, QuickBooks training, Social Media Training, Email training, Internet training, training for computer beginners. We also provide resume writing services.