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Outlook Drag-and-Drop

One of the things I love about Outlook is its drag-and-drop features. For example, creating email subfolders for categorizing emails by subject, I can drag emails I want to save in to the appropriate folder.

But I can also drag emails to my calendar. Sometimes you receive an email for something that must go on your calendar. All you have to do is drag the email from your Inbox to the Calendar icon in the Navigation Pane (left side of screen). An appointment window opens where you fill in the date and time – Save & Close. If you check your calendar you’ll see the appointment with all the details in the email included!

You can go a step further and color code your appointments. Here is an example. Let’s say I color-code all of my travel related calendar items red. I receive a flight confirmation email from my airlines, so I drag and drop the email on my calendar icon. When the appointment window opens, I set the date/time of the flight and color code it red by clicking on the Categorize drop-down button on the Outlook 2007 ribbon (click on the Categories drop-down box in Outlook 2003). Save and close.  An example is pictured below.

When you have groups of people you email on a regular basis, you can create a distribution list for easy email addressing.

To create a group distribution list, you are in the Inbox:
1. Open the Address Book. If you don’t see the Address Book button on your toolbar, go to Tools > Address Book…
2. Click File >  New Entry in the Address Contacts window.
3. Click New Distribution List
4. Name the List (we’ll call ours “Managers”
5. If you want to add members from your existing address book, click [Select Members…] and double-click on the names to be included in the list. 
  Click Add New to add email addresses not in your address book

To send a message to your Distribution list, choose the list like you would any individual from the list after clicking on [To:] in your message compose window.

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