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Hide Slides in PowerPoint

Why hide a slide? 

Slide show presentations can be used over and over again, with minor edits to customize as needed.  There may be times when a slide is not necessary or appropriate for a particular presentation, but you don’t want to delete the slide as you may need it for a future presentation. Hiding selected slides temporarily suppresses the slide during the presentation, skipping over it to the next.  But don’t worry, you can still see the slide while editing the presentation, and it’s easy to turn on/off.  To hide a slide: 

  1. Right-click on the slide to be hidden > Hide Slide.
  2. To Unhide: right-click > Hide Slide. (It’s an on/off switch).

 In PowerPoint 2007, there is also a Hide Slide button on the Slide Show ribbon. When a slide is set to hidden: 

  1. The slide is still visible in the Slide Sorter and Normal views.
  2. The slide number has a slash through it.
  3. The slide will not come in to view during a presentation.

 If you don’t want the hidden slides to print, make sure to remove the checkmark on Print Hidden Slides from the Options button in Print Preview.

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The more you can use the keyboard for getting around or doing tasks in programs or online, the faster you will be.  Also, the same keyboard commands often work in situations where you can’t find the command elsewhere in the program you are using. So get to know some of these shortcuts gradually. Commit to picking out one a day to focus on.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly you remember and use them.

These are the shortcuts I teach in my beginning Word class.

Getting around a document or a page using the keyboard: 


Moves Your Cursor:

HOME Beginning of the line
Ctrl + Home Top of the document
END End (right side) of line
Ctrl + End Bottom of the document
CTRL +  right arrow Word-by word
CTRL + down arrow Moves your cursor down paragraph by paragraph

 Selecting text: 

Select What

Do this:

Select character-by-character Shift  + Right Arrow
Select word-by word Double-click on the word
Select sentence CTRL + click on sentence
Paragraph Triple-click on the paragraph
Select blocks of text.  Click once at your starting point, Shift-click at your ending point. Click at your starting point, SHIFT + Click at ending point
Select Vertical blocks of text Hold ALT key down and drag over text.
Select ALL (the entire document!) Get right-pointed arrow in the left margin and CTRL + Click

Other cool shortcuts:


Do This:

Find words or phrases CTRL + F, Type in word or phrase, click Next
Tab (indent) mid-paragraph line CTRL + Tab
Double space CTRL + 2
Single space CTRL + 1
1.5 Space CTRL + 5
Page Break CTRL + Enter
Switch to other windows Hold ALT key down, press TAB
Undo CTRL + Z
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